Overly vivid dreams

Just let me start by saying, this is a really long post, and although I think it’s actually very interesting, and I think you would enjoy reading all of it, if you just want the most important bit, skip ahead to where it says “this is where it gets most interesting”.

It’s fairly common knowledge (although not universally known) that people dream every night. Whether or not you remember your dreams depends mostly on whether or not you wake up during the middle of the dream. Given that we dream every night, it’s not surprising that most people occasionally remember their dreams.
There are so many different types of dreams, from nightmares, to wish fulfillment, but one that I find particularly fascinating are the “overly vivid dream”. You know, the one where you remember — at least for a short time afterwards — specific details that would never have been noticed in a normal dream. The ones that leave you wondering whether or not it was real when you wake up. Last night, I had one such dream.
I don’t remember how the dream started, (do we ever?) but what I remember is I was watching a film with my cousin in it. There was a really clever line of dialogue between him and a girl — who was a fictional character from my imagination, but was clearly meant to be some sort of famous actor — which unfortunately I can’t remember any more; at the time the line was extremely convincing, and I really wish I could still remember what it was (I think it was either some really wise/philosophical comment, or something romantic in a non-cheesy way.). Next, the two of them exchanged the most bizarre kiss I’ve ever seen: probably the first sign that this was a dream and not real. The two of them were facing the same direction, towards the screen, and then they turned slightly inward so that the corner of their mouths could just touch, and they briefly kissed, before my cousin left. Despite it seeming extremely strange now, to my dreaming mind it wasn’t so bad, and the rest of the audience to this strange film clearly enjoyed it — based on the background noise of the dream: yet another thing that made this dream seem life-like.
The dream then did another thing that seems perfectly normal during the dream, but is bizarre once awake: a sudden change to another scenario. In this case, my cousin (why is the whole dream about my cousin, I don’t think it’s ever happened before…) was being awarded with a trial-basis job commentating on professional sport. Exactly which sport it was was never mentioned, but because of the sports that are popular where I’m from, and what sports he’s good at, it was implied to be Rugby League. What is known, is that he would be commentating on the Saturday and Sunday games, and would be judged based on his performance during them whether or not to be given a full-time job.


This is where it gets most interesting (read on to see more)

He then went up to make a thank you speech. He starts his speech by saying he’d like to thank his wife. I remember thinking at the time how he didn’t have a wife, and then after quite a long pause, he confirmed this, laughing. He then went on with a fairly stereotypical thank you speech for a little while, before stopping, picking up his paper with notes on it, and showing it to the audience. This is where the dream got most bizarrely vivid and specific. This is why I’m posting about the dream.
During the dream, I could literally read the words written on the paper, and one section in particular stood out. Randomly, about two thirds of the way down the paper was a single bar of stave music. I remember looking at this music and reading out what the notes where to myself: G A A G, all in the treble clef right at the top of the stave. That’s G5 A5 A5 G5 for those music geeks among you. The fact that this writing was so clear, and the music notes so specific just goes to show how strangely specific dreams can sometimes be.
He then went on to explain how stupid it was that he was reading this from a script someone else gave him, and was about to give a proper, legitimate thank you speech, when I was woken up for school.
During the dream, and for a short while after I woke up, I remember thinking that I should go on Facebook and congratulate him on getting the job as a commentator. Due to the attention to detail in this dream: background noise, specific; easily audible, specific dialogue; and even the amazingly accurate visual effects; I was completely convinced, even for a short time while awake, that it had actually happened.
It just goes to show you how amazing and creative the human mind can be…
If you’ve ever had a dream like this, or one that’s interesting in any other way, please let me know about it.