Guten Tag from Austria

Just a quick check in from a café here in Austria.

It’s the middle of my dad’s IRONMAN, and I’m sitting here to upload some photos of the event. Click that link to see the photos as they upload. is an awesome website for uploading files and sharing them with people. Unfortunately it doesn’t recognise pictures that were taken sideways in the way my camera natively does, as well as the Mac OS, so I didn’t notice this problem until after I had set them uploading.

The IRONMAN organisers have a website where you can track people in the race.

Then enter their last name or number (my dad is 2597), and it will give you their times for each check in they’ve gone through so far.

Good luck to all those still out in their race (that’s everyone at this point, I saw the first runner go past just half an hour or so ago), and I hope everyone has a relaxing holiday 😀

Oh, just remembered. This café is awesome. They use iPads with iBooks as their menu, and they write orders on these little electronic pads. SO COOL!