Follow up: Mac start-up problem

As I wrote about in a previous post, I was having trouble getting my new Mac to start up. This is just a quick follow up to say that it’s now working. In fact, shortly after I posted my last one, I tried again to shut it down, and it finally turned off!

I turned it back on again, and held option, but it didn’t work, but this time at least it shut down. Then I tried C, and then D, but they didn’t work. Hoping that I could at least get the disk out, I tried holding down the trackpad, to remove the disk on start-up. The disk was removed, and the computer started up correctly. I have yet to shut down the computer again, but will update this post once I have, to see whether or not I have the same problem again, but I expect not to.

2 comments on “Follow up: Mac start-up problem

  1. Tim Edwards says:

    >I am getting a Macbook Pro next week.I like to think I'm an 'advanced' user so hopefully should be able to handle it and not be shown up by the supposedly easiest to use operating system lol. I still hate Apple

  2. Jim Cullen says:

    >HAHAHA. "I still hate Apple". Is that both their computers and iPods/iPhones? Because I know a lot of people who like the latter but not the former.On the other hand, why are you getting one of you don't like them :PWhich sort of MacBook Pro?Anyway, good luck with it, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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